The Association for International Talent Education and Development (AITED) is a registered association in the global hub — Geneva, Switzerland. It is under the name of Association de l'éducation et du développement des talents internationaux (AEDTI).

The Association is an international talent hub established to connect and empower our members of global citizens, social business entrepreneurs and competent professionals by promoting the international education&training and awareness-raising of global mutual governance; building the intercultural understanding, integration and diversity appreciation; motivating the fragile population with involvement access to make a social change; supporting the international education and development of our members; providing the international platforms for sharing opinion, knowledge, action and experience that contribute to a shared future of the international community.

The Association has close cooperation with the University of Geneva, the Graduate Institute, the United Nations Office at Geneva, the International Labor Organization, the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization, the International Telecommunication Union, the International Committee of the Red Cross and numerous international NGOs at Geneva to promote the international knowledge, skills and experience to our members in the Global Talent Training programmes and bridge the international actors of global governance with sub-national practitioners and academic partners through the open dialogues by the annual thematic forum and scheduled visits, events and webinars.

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Joint cultural and sports event agendas, cross-cultural camp tour programs, facilitated channels for networking, and dynamic activities for international talent mobility and creative inter-cooperation are being established with select relevant external partners including relevant governmental entities, universities, social organizations, companies, professional institutions, foundations, and incubator hubs.

Global Talent Development, seeing the increasing importance of global talents for today's global governance, is the Association's official journal published by the quarter. It aims to deliver the latest interpretation and review on the comprehensive talent policy of select areas, the pioneering ideas, co-work projects, creative innovation and constructive opinions of international talents to address the global challenges, and front matter articles on all aspects of international education and development, international talent mobility and migration, cross-cultural integration and depth views on geo-culture of human life.

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